Do you shoot in your studio?

Not generally, we pride ourselves on being a natural light studio that will ALWAYS want to take you outside to to take advantage of the light, different locations and not boring backdrops.  There are certain sessions that we are able to accomodate indoors: newborn, 1st birthday cake smashes, and boudoir.

What kind of portrait sessions do you offer? 

Tiptoe offers all genres of portrait sessions. The most common are newborn, kids, families, engagement, maternity, boudoir, commercial headshots, and school and sports. We also offer event photography at an hourly rate. But if you have an idea and want to see if it's something we offer please just contact us at 304-995-6743. 

What is the cost of your shoots?

We offer a great array of collections and packages to meet our clients needs. We also offer different kinds of sessions to meet your financial goals. 

1. Our regular portrait session is about an hour long session with wardrobe changes if possible, and multiple locations. Usually over 30 edited images to choose from at your personalized ordering session.

2. Our Tiptoe Tiny Sessions- are for the client that wants a shorter session, 30 minutes, wardrobe changes if possible, and multiple locations. These sessions are a standard rate of $500, and you receive around 15 edited images with print release.  No ordering session for this session as the images will be delivered via online gallery.

3. Tiptoe Portrait Parties- are for groups that want to get a great deal. The host of the party recieves thier session for FREE and the cost for the mini shoots for your guests is $85 for 2 print releases. Please contact us to get ALL the details on this awesome session. 

4. Tiptoe holiday specials- keep an eye out on all our social media outlets for the specials we run around certain holidays each year.  These sessions still get you the great Tiptoe experience but at a discounted rate.

5. Tiptoe School Portraits- we offer a special day 2 times a year (spring and fall) where we will do special sessions for all of you that want something "more" from your childrens school portraits. These sessions are at a very discounted rate to match that of the schools.  Prints start at $5. 

What should I/we wear?

1. Newborns are best bare. Please feel free to bring blankets, hats, headbands, or anything else that may be sentimental and we will try to incorporate them into the session. Parents should wear black or be prepared to show your bare shoulders/ arms.

2. Children look best in layered patterns of assorted textures. Check out websites such as Gap, Gymboree, Zuilly and Old Navy for ideas. Please bring accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, glasses, and ties to help bring the outfits together. We usually advise that bright, vibrant, solid colors will really put a 'pop' in your photographs.

3. Couples and families should wear coordinating outfits/colors. Pick a favorite outfit and choose options from the color palette to coordinate the outfits. Feel free to bring a series of outfit changes to provide a variety in your session. Avoid logos or writing on your clothing that would be distracting. Keep in mind to coordinate the color of your shoes as well.

4. Seniors should bring at least 5 outfits with accessories included. Don't forget any sports, band instruments, or memorabilia. This day is all about you! Let it reflect who you are and reflect upon your memories of high school life. Be a model for a day!

5. Boudoir sessions should include 2-3 "outfits" these sessions generally take place at our studio. Don't forget to bring anything that you may want to include in your session. This session is all about you, and making you feel Tiptoe sexy in your skin.

How long does it take after the shoot to view the images?

We generally will be in touch with you within 1-2 weeks after your session to set an appointment to come into the studio to view your images. Please feel free to invite anyone along who may want to order prints. The more the merrier! All ordering must take place at this time and all prints/packages must be paid in full. 2 day online galleries are available for family members residing out of state.

When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

The optimal time to schedule your newborn session is between 5-10 days old and preferably before the baby is 2 weeks of age. This plays a huge role on how well they will go to sleep and stay asleep in order for us to pose them in the adorable little poses that we are known for!

Do you keep my images forever?

Because of the large format file size we shoot in, we cannot keep your images. We generally will keep them until your order comes in to ensure everything is correct. We do offer archiving for a fee if you don't think you can complete your entire purchase at one time.

Can we order our image in any size?

Sometimes, due to the size of the actual image, all sizes are not available to each image, without loosing parts of the image. If we notice it is cropping off important parts of the photo we will generally order the next size up free of charge.

Will we get to see the unedited images?

No. Under no circumstances do the photographers of Tiptoe Studios ever share the unedited versions of your images. We only choose to edit the best shots from the session (normally ending up between 25-30 images). Each individual image goes through our editing process to ensure that it is as perfect as can be. We also make every effort to edit at least one of every pose from your session. If for some reason, a particular pose is not chosen to be edited, it is because one or more elements did not work out and we felt it was not the best shot.

What is the fee for returned checks? There is a 25$ fee for all returned items.

How many images do you edit for a regular portrait session?

We generally have between 25-30 edited images. If there are particular images that we love we may include them in both color and black and white.

How many images do you edit for one of your tiny sessions?

Our special tiny sessions, we normally end up having about 15 edited images.

Can I get my images both in color and black and white?

No, generally for images that we only have in black and white are only available that way. We changed them to black and white because there were elements of the photo that didn't work in color. However, if there is a color image you would rather see in black and white the process is generally easier to switch it. Most images have a beautiful black and white version.