How much does it cost to set up a consultation with you to talk about my wedding?

It's FREE. We don't charge anything for the initial consultation, a deposit is due if you decide you want to book with us. 


How far will you travel for your weddings?

We have traveled all over for our weddings!  There may be additional travel and lodging fees depending on the distance traveled. 


Is there a certain time of day that I should have my ceremony for the best possible light?

Screaming YES! We can go over all your details and help you plan your schedule to make sure you are shot in the best light for the most flattering pictures! Also are you having an outdoor ceremony? We would love to give you our opinions on where to set everything up to catch you in good light! 


What is the timeline for the wedding day?

We like to arrive 2 hours before the ceremony begins. When we arrive, we like to have all bridesmaids dressed and ready and the bride completely ready to slip into her dress. We re-enact makeup shots and veil shots if necessary. When we have captured the putting on of the gown, we will then do shots of the bride, the bride with her bridesmaids and the bride with immediate family. Once we are finished with the bride, we tuck her away and do the same with the groom. After the ceremony, we normally take about 1 hour to do our formal shots. This includes family shots, bridal party shots and shots of the bride and groom alone. Once at the reception, we make sure to capture all of the festivities from the toasts and first dance to the cake cutting and garter/bouquet toss.


How early should I book my wedding?

We have had brides book weddings well over a year ahead of time.  Our busiest wedding time is May, June, September and October and we limit the amount of weddings we will accept so please contact us as soon as possible!! 


Do we get an engagement session with our wedding package?

Some of our wedding collections do include engagement packages. Please email us at tiptoestudios@yahoo.com for a complete list of wedding collections. 


Do you all offer CD's with the images on them for my wedding?

Absolutely, all of our wedding packages include a CD with your edited images. 


Do we get to see ALL the images from the day?

No but depending on the collection you choose at the time of booking, you will have between 300-500 perfectly edited images when we are finished with the editing process. We normally edit at least one of every pose although you will notice that we take several shots of the same pose. This is to ensure that everyone is looking at the camera with open eyes and smiles. Once we are finished editing, we upload all edited images to a password protected online gallery. This is your opportunity to proof everything and let us know if anything is missing, you would like to see specific images in black and white, etc. Once you have approved your images, we burn them to CD and supply you with a full copyright release form.


How long does it take see our images after the wedding?

The editing process begins immediately after the wedding. We upload all images from our memory cards onto our computers and immediately back them up on an external hard drive. From that point, we select the images that we will edit and begin the process. We don't normally give a specific deadline but depending on the workflow at the time, it can be anywhere between 6-10 weeks. We make every effort to keep our brides updated with our process and can usually give you a more specific timeline at that point. If you are getting antsy and desperately need to know where we are in the process, you can absolutely give your head photographer a call or a text to ask! We will gladly let you know!


Do we meet after the initial consultation?

We will meet again approximately 1 month before the wedding day to go over our timeline and discuss any specific details/shots that the bride and groom desire.


Do you accept payments for my wedding balance?

Absolutely, we accept cash, check and credit cards as payment for you wedding.


Do you keep my images forever?

No, we generally keep them for about 6 months after we put the galleries up online. Please be sure once we give you your CD's to make copies and back them up. We certainly don't want anything to happen to your precious memories.